Pressure Regulations 2000

TADFM have extended our services to provide an Authorising Engineer service for Pressure Systems, as governed by the Pressure Regulations 2000, and highlighted by the recent publication of a Scottish HTM 08-08 on the subject, which is a clear indication of the way forward. The scope of the Regulations is very specific as one would expect, but perhaps also wider than many realise.

All the usual participants are involved, Designated Person, Authorising Engineer, Authorised Person, Competent Person (Insurance Inspector) and Mechanical Tradespersons who operate in the usual structured manner to produce and operate Policies, Procedures and a Safe System of work to visibly demonstrate Compliance and satisfy HSE, CQC requirements via our audit process.

We are already advising clients as diverse as Acute Trusts with steam raising boiler plant to Community trusts with much less intensive activities, and always tailor our service to suit each individual client whilst maintaining a consistency of approach across all AE disciplines.

If you would like any further guidance or advice regarding the application of the regulations in respect of your site please contact us.

Last Updated: 04/11/2016
Author: David Rayworth

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