HTM 05-02: Firecode Revisions

HTM 05-02 – Guidance in the support of functional provisions (Fire Safety in the design of healthcare premises) was revised in Nov 2015 but has everyone picked up on the changes.

The application of HTM 05-02 is now limited to a premises providing specific regulated services types, which helps to clarify its scope, the guidance on consultation has been expanded which helps to highlight its sphere of infl uence, and emphasis has been given to the need to plan the operational activities of an emergency evacuation plan into the design stages of any project to close the loop to the requirements of the Fire Safety Order.

The technical details now contained in Chapters 2 – 7 have been reconfigured, and now include in Chapter 2 comprehensive guidance on designing for fire safety in premises providing in-patient mental health services and in-patient accommodation for patients with learning disabilities.

If you would like any further guidance or advice regarding the application of the regulations in respect of your site please contact us.

Last Updated: 04/11/2016
Author: David Rayworth

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